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Our Story

Welcome to Vgan Dog, a brand that is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and handmade in Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦

We believe that dog accessories are meant to be cruelty-free. 

But wait, who cares? The planet 🌎 cares. The animals 🦊 care. The humans 👫 care. You care. We care. 

Someone has to care, and we’re proud it's us. 

The question remains, why kill one animal so that another can wear its skin? Leather has no place in the pet industry. At Vgan Dog, we make sure that no animals were harmed in the making of our cute and stylish accessories.

Most importantly, we make sure your pup never has to compromise quality or fashion. All our collars and leashes are handcrafted with care and made-to-order in our Montreal studio. And we promise they are made to last. 

Not only are we dog lovers, but we're animal lovers too. Our motto remains - be kind to every kind. 

It all begins with us.

Kaya, Chief Executive Pooch 

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