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Traffic Handle
Traffic Handle
Traffic Handle

Vgan Dog

Traffic Handle

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T H E   T R A F F I C   H A N D L E 

The traffic handle is made to keep your pup close while walking in the city. These handles work best on medium to large dogs. 

H A N D M A D E   I N   C A N A D A 🇨🇦 

Our vegan leather leashes are waterproof, odor repellant, and stain-resistant. Not only are they soft and flexible like leather, but they’re cruelty-free.

L O C K I N G   S C I S S O R   S N A P

  • Good for when your dog pulls
  • Tension & force holds the clasp closed
  • Far less likely for the clasp to open and your pup to escape the leash

H A R D W A R E 

  • Stainless steel (silver)
  • Solid brass (gold)
  • Black-plated (black)

C L E A N I N G 

They’re super easy to clean, so go ahead and get dirty! Gently wash with dish soap and warm water. Wipe clean and lay flat to dry. Voilà, good as new! 

T R A F F I C   H A N D L E   S I Z E S 

  • Handle lengths (without the clip*):
    • 8"
    • 9"
    • 10"
    • 11"
    • 12"
  • clip length is between 2" & 2.5"  

C U S T O M   O R D E R

Should you need a longer traffic handle, please contact us at woof@vgandog.com and we'll gladly make one for you! Please note that all custom orders are FINAL SALE.