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O-Ring • Safety Collar
O-Ring • Safety Collar
O-Ring • Safety Collar
O-Ring • Safety Collar

Vgan Dog

O-Ring • Safety Collar

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P I C K   Y O U R   C O L O U R 

Please write the colour you would like for your collar in the special instructions section in your cart.

T H E   O - R I N G 

  • designed to help keep your dog safe
  • built-in safety ring provides a pivot point
  • if your pup is snagged on a branch or in the brush, they can work themself free
  • clip your leash on the back of the collar (as opposed to the front D-ring) 

H A N D M A D E   I N   C A N A D A 🇨🇦 

These vegan leather collars are waterproof, odor repellant, and stain-resistant. Not only are they soft and flexible like leather, but they’re cruelty-free.

C H O I C E   O F   H A R D W A R E 

  • Nickel-plated (silver)
  • Stainless steel (silver)
  • Solid brass (gold)

*note: 1/2" wide collars are not available with stainless steel buckles. 

    C L E A N I N G 

    They’re super easy to clean, so go ahead and get dirty! Gently wash with dish soap and warm water. Wipe clean and lay flat to dry. Voilà, good as new! 

    C O L L A R   S I Z E S 

    XS - neck sizes 6" - 9" 
    S - neck sizes 9" - 12"
    M - neck sizes 12" - 15"
    L - neck sizes 15" - 18"
    XL - neck sizes 18" - 21"

    XXL - custom made for neck sizes 21"+ (please select XXL and write your dog's neck size in the special instructions section in your cart).

      Unsure about which size? Check our size guide for reference.

      C U S T O M   O R D E R

      Please note that all custom orders are FINAL SALE.