1" Adjustable Martingale • Custom Made
1" Adjustable Martingale • Custom Made
1" Adjustable Martingale • Custom Made

Vgan Dog

1" Adjustable Martingale • Custom Made

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Please write the following in the special instructions section in your cart:

  1. The measurement of your pup's neck 

  2. The accent colour (if selecting a second color) 

C U S T O M   M A D E 

Please note that our martingale collars will be custom made to fit your pup, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. It is important to get the proper measurements, even if that means measuring twice to be certain!

T H E   M A R T I N G A L E   C O L L A R 

  • designed to fit loosely on your pup's neck, but tighten as needed
  • makes it difficult for your dog to slip out of their collar, especially for dogs with narrower heads
  • helpful for training - when your pup pulls on the leash, the collar slightly tightens, but not so much to choke or harm your dog in any way
  • martingale collars are not for every dog and proper use of the collar is your responsibility 

H A N D M A D E   I N   C A N A D A 🇨🇦 

These vegan leather collars are waterproof, odor repellant, and stain-resistant. Not only are they soft and flexible like leather, but they’re cruelty-free.

H A R D W A R E 

  • All the hardware is rustproof 
  • The chain is chrome plated (silver)
  • The buckle & D-ring are nickel-plated steel (silver)

    C L E A N I N G 

    They’re super easy to clean, so go ahead and get dirty! Gently wash with dish soap and warm water. Wipe clean and lay flat to dry. Voilà, good as new! 

    S I Z I N G  

    The collar is 1" wide. Please measure your dog's neck size. The buckle will allow a range of adjustments above and below the neck size you provide. If you're unsure about how to measure, please check our size guide for reference.

    C U S T O M   O R D E R

    Please note that all custom orders are FINAL SALE.